This post was originally posted on my Swedish dev blog, happy kodar.

Contains information about Flag Frenzy v0.4.

New record! Cool

Hello again.

Initially, I want to say awesome work to Dali who set a new record on my game and thank you for playing. 🙂 Felt I could not be worse and now I have managed to get 31! Should I raise the limit to 30? It should offer a challenge and make the player spend a day or two before getting there.

Okay, introduction aside. Time for:

News - Flag Frenzy v0.4

  • New update loop. Switch case statement with game state instead of if-else structure. To be able to handle Game Over in a nicer way
  • Hold down space to hoist the flag. Now you do not have to smash it
  • A clock that counts down before the game starts. Ready Set Go!
  • The timer is a separate entity that talks to GameController and runs like a coroutine
  • Added the text “Time left” in front of the time which is now printed in full seconds

I’m a little behind in my planning but it still feels good because what I have now is still playable. Missing just a few menus and graphics + sound. I should solve that until Monday.

Before you go, I have some questions for you who played:

  • Is the speed when hoisting the flag good?
  • Is it better to hold down a button compared to before (press many times)?
  • What was your spontaneous reaction when you played? Both praise and neighs are desired.

I do not know if I will have time to fix everything this time, but if it is successful and if it is appreciated, I can always take the time to make more courses to version “two point zero”.

For those of you who have not managed to get the game started, you must install Unity Web Player. Available for both Windows and Mac OS X and works with most browsers. This must be played in the browser on a computer, just to clarify. It is not possible to play on your mobile phone if you have tried.

I want all of you to try to beat my record of 31 flags. 😉

Good luck!

/ Rasmus