This post was originally posted on my Swedish dev blog, happy kodar.

Here comes another modest hej since I’m fired up again.

In this post I’m announcing my small game Flag Frenzy.

First of all, I just want to say that it’s fun to write again. I appreciate every little like and appreciation that I’m getting. 🙂 It feeds my endorphin supply and feels like a virtual pat on the back. Although I don’t want to get addicted and risk becoming a male version of Kissie. That is not how I imagined my future life to look like. 😉

However, I have some plans in progress that I’m revealing now!

Found a very interesting article a while ago by a guy who made twelve games in a year. Felt it gave me more inspiration and motivation since I didn’t get into the game course in Stockholm (Game design at Futuregames) that I applied to.

I have to sit at home and code by myself instead.

Anyway, I will motivate myself to make one game a month and the hope is to get better all the time in the meantime, that is the whole idea behind the plan. If you point your browser to you can see that this month’s (July 2016) optional theme is flags. So I’ve figured out a little game about flags.

As July soon is over, my intention is to make a tiny game and finish on time. I have imagined a simple button masher whit the aim of hoisting as many flags as possible for one minute to impress a girl.

With enough skill, she will fall in love and you can feel satisfied. Otherwise she gets angry and it’s bye-bye. Weather the game is about me or based on a real event has not been made official. You can read more from my workbook that I created just for this project.

Flag Frenzy Draft Rasmus draft for Flag Frenzy.

Cute idea to hoist flags in the name of love.

Thanks for this time!

/ Rasmus


Anonymous (2014-07-16) - I think the love girl should be called the flag-ann (Swedish pun)