You can make a lot happen in 365 days but it can be hard to realize the magnitude and get appreciation when you’re busy advancing from one day to the next. So in this post I will reflect on the stuff that made my 2017. Things I accomplished, what I learned and how I have changed as a person in the last 12 months.

This last year didn’t involve as much changes as 2016 did and I feel like these last two years have been very similar, only in 2017 it was more of everything. You can read my 2016 Year End Review here.

What Went Well

New job: During my unemployment period (September 2016- April 2017) I applied and got in to Lexicon’s 16-week program in .NET development to improve my skills in full-stack Web Development. I met a lot of interesting people and among them my favourites Per and Atanas. During the studies I applied for different jobs and went on interviews with Handelsbanken, Metamatrix, tretton37, Cloud Nine, HiQ, Lexicon IT, Goodminton, Sigma Young Talent, Everdea, Lots Group, Decerno, Sogeti and the list goes on. A few companies wanted me to do coding assignments and have more interviews. In the end I decided to sign a job contract with tretton37 and have been working there as a .NET Ninja since the studies finished in April.

Intermittent fasting: For most weeks during the year, I’ve had an eating gap from Sunday dinner to Monday dinner where I only drank water or tea (sometimes with coconut oil).

New Productivity Tool: I would say my productivity has been a roller coaster aligning with how I was feeling at different times during the year. Some low lows and high highs. Deleted my accounts at Wunderlist, and Zenkit and migrated my to-do lists to Todoist. I have found a much better structure now for organizing my life and late 2017 I reached Karma level “Todoist Master”.

Nordic Game Jam: Once again I travelled to Copenhagen for some weekend game hacking. The theme was “Not there” and it resulted in a VR game called What’s There?.

The objective of the game is to figure out what that weird object is that’s been placed in the room. Use the tools and your imagination to conduct various experiments to narrow the options. Game was made by me, Jakub Švehla and Michail Nenkov.

Running: I would be a fool not to mention all my exercise as something that went well (part from an injury). Started running with adidas Runners thanks to Per for recommending it. In December I replaced some of my running with Nordic walking (jogging with poles) to prepare for the upcoming skiing. New Personal Best for 10K is 50:34 (MilSpåret).

What Did Not Go Well

Running injury: During one of my hill running workouts I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my calf which turned out to be an injury that meant I had to go to rehab training and miss a few workout sessions and races. I limbed for about a week but quickly recovered so the muscle probably wasn’t completely off.

Habit Challenge: I did several attempts to stop biting my fingernails. But it’s not been a habit that I could keep permanently. Longest streak according to my journal was 96 days from January 24 to April 30.

Volunteering: Was board secretary for VISIR Stockholm/Uppsala between January to September. I didn’t really handle all the extra work very well and I put a lot of hours and energy into something I later had to drop because of a frustration that wasn’t aligning with what I wanted with my life. I still plan to engage in activities to reach the goal of a tobacco free society some day with year 2025 being the closest target. As an own side project I bought the domain to be used for a podcast that didn’t really take off and is still In the initial planning phase.

Songwriting: During the year I was very excited for all the different songwriting community projects such as: FAWM (February Album Writing Month), 50/90 (The 50 Songs in 90 Days Challenge) and NaSoAlMo (National Solo Album Month). Despite I have been playing the guitar quite a lot and also toying with GarageBand I feel that I failed at writing any complete songs and I’m nowhere near a finished album.

What I Accomplished


Meetups: Attended several meet ups in different areas. Learned more about politics, Software Development, Songwriting and tips for starting a podcast.

  • Went to Blueberry work & travel exhibition and got more information regarding Australia and also studying at the ICMP in London
  • Haninge Musicians guitar jams and co-hosting a songwriting workshop
  • YOGATHON STHLM 2017 with the yogi Swami Jyothirmayah & Stockholm Culture Festival. Morning yoga in a rainy Kungsträdgården followed by lunch, ice cream, meditation and breathing exercise with my buddy Atanas
  • Several Foo Café’s in Hammarby sjöstad and Code Nights in Hornstull

Political and Sustainable Development: Spending several days in Almedalen visiting my sister and engaging in political discussions was the highlight of 2017. Some of the other political events I’ve been to include:

  • Tobacco Endgame/Global Development seminars that I mentioned in this post
  • Public seminars about NATO- among the organizers was Vänsterpartiet (Left party)
  • Stockholm Act, Global Bar and a concert with José Gonzalez
  • People’s Climate March Stockholm – Together for a Sustainable Future!


  • Stone Sour, The Pretty Reckless and Ghost with Wesku
  • The Hives and Bad Religion with Mathias
  • José Gonzalez

Therapy: Since September I’ve been seeing a therapist about my procrastination and fear of burning out. I have done a mixture of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Mindfulness exercises. We have touched on several topics to improve my life and more of this in an upcoming post perhaps.

Knowabunga & Leetspeak with tretton37: I visited Berlin for the first time and had curry wurst, German beer, some ninja adventure and looked at the view from the Berlin Fernsehturm. I’ve also been to my first developer conference, Leetspeak in Stockholm with talks about “Build For The Globe!”.

There’s definitely more to say but it’s already February and I can’t put off this post anymore, maybe I come back and add more stuff in the future. (Post updated on 2018-02-02).

As always, take care and be your best today!

/ Rasmus