Once again we enter a new year and in this post I reflect on the changes that happened in my life 2016, both good and bad. One of my many inspirational people is Leo Babauta who among other things got me interested in meditation and Getting Things Done. As a good habit I will do my annual review and post it on this blog. If you’re interested in doing the same thing I highly recommend you read this post by Leo.


  • New job: In the beginning of the year I quit my job at CGI for an employment at Academic Work Technology working as a Software Developer helping Emric (acquired by Tieto in September 2016) with their credit loan administration software. 6 months later the contract ended and I am currently studying C# and .NET while looking for practice or new employment.


Me and Sofie in a buggy Me and Sofie in a buggy

Fun & Recreation

  • Big spender: I try to cut down on the stuff I buy and own. If you also like minimalism then have a look at the documentary My Stuff. Despite the minimalist lifestyle I bought a motorcycle, leather suit, bass guitar and mic stand which will help me in achieving some of my goals.

Health & Fitness

  • Became a runner: I have previously been running on and off but when I joined TSM Running back in June a spark if you will got lit and I realized how much good comes from running. Since then I have raced several times and the best day was when I ran Lidingöloppet 15 km.
  • New diet: In December me and my sister went to a lecture with the Swedish athlete Jonas Colting. He spoke about how to be in fitness and in health. So the last few weeks I have been eating low carb and ketogenic food.
  • Ergonomically aware: Purchased a height adjustable desk to reap the health benefits of working vertical at home.

Lidingöloppet Lidingöloppet

Personal Development

  • Awaken the procrastinator: A great frustration has been not getting things done and on time. By realizing this is a psychological behavior and doing some therapy exercises found in the book Dance on deadline, I am on my way to break this behavior and getting the right things done ahead of the deadline.
  • Less fixed mindset: Among all the lectures I attended this year some gave me insights on finances, choosing your friends, realizing your potential and be successful in general.
  • Realization: Society is not Black nor White. By reading the book Netocracy: The New Power Elite and Life After Capitalism I got more knowledge and understanding of the modern society and the politics and classes in it.
  • New blog: This blog is all about my goals tied to my values. In 2017 I will get the following goals done:
    • Produce a music album with cover or original music
    • Run ASICS Stockholm Marathon on June 3
    • Take my drivers license for motorcycle

Physical Environment

  • Move to Stockholm: A big change this year was the move from Karlskrona and Blekinge where I have spent the last 6 and a half years. I longed back to Stockholm and just wanted to come home. I didn’t feel well with a lot of stress and traded my job and apartment for unemployment and return to living with the family. Some positives and some negatives are a part of life.


  • No change in 2016: I am still Single and ready to Mingle


  • Meetups and events: I found the great site for meetups and have among others attended meetups for GTD, Arduino development, Code Nights, Lounge Hacks, Indie Game Dungeon. Here’s my post-mortem from Nordic Game Jam.
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers: The only concert I went to this year and I went from “not liking them that much” to really appreciate their work. It was fun spending some time with my friends Wesku, Dennis, Robin and Steffen. More concerts to come in 2017.
  • Lyric workshop: Went to a 3 part workshop hosted by Jonelle Vette. I got into object writing and have some samples that might turn into great songs. I really focused on writing and playing guitar during these weeks. I should get that mood and productivity back. FAWM is only a month away.
  • Escape Room: One of my favorite shows is Prison Break and for an hour I got to be Michael Scofield. Thanks to my boss at Emric who brought us to an escape room puzzle after work. They had several puzzles and I definitely will return in 2017 for more escaping menace.
  • Trampoline: Everybody likes bouncing on the trampoline and I spent 2 hours at BOUNCE in Stockholm. It’s a different kind of workout and I will be back with more friends for some bouncing joy!
  • Photoshoot: Spent a day with Mathias as his model for some shots. More photos by Mathias.

Me at the photoshoot first pose Me at the photoshoot second pose


  • Has withdrawn from the Swedish church: This is not a big deal since I hardly am religious. The money I will save from not paying tax can be spent in a better way. :) Angry Foreigner has a video on this topic as well.
  • Burning Dinner: Went to the Node in Stockholm for a Spanish tapas dinner with sangria.
  • Giving money to those who deserve it: I became a patron to Angry Foreigner for all his liberating videos. Other organizations that got my money and support was WWF, VISIR, A Non Smoking Generation and Skiftet (The Shift).
  • Tobacco Endgame: I have been somewhat active spreading information about Tobacco Endgame and the dangers with tobacco on Facebook, through email and a letter to the editor that got published in Metro. It’s a good cause and I will continue to help the organizations and the Swedish government to reach the target of a non smoking Sweden by the year 2025. I became a member of VISIR and helping them realize their goals.
  • Keep Sweden Clean: I have been randomly picking litter as I took my walks around Stockholm. I encourage more people to care for the environment and to support Håll Sverige Rent.
  • TTIP: Went to my first demonstration which was against TTIP and CETA.

December was all about finishing on a high and to bring momentum to the new year.

Take care of each other and I know we will have the best years of our lives ahead of us! 🙂

/ Rasmus