Today I’m sharing an exercise from Barbara Sher’s book “Wishcraft: How to Get What You Really Want“.

The Private-Eye Game is all about snooping around your own house or room as if you were a private-eye trying to find out who lived here just from the style revealed in the house. Make an inventory of as many characteristics and interests you can find.

I took some pictures, thought hard about it and then answered the questions below.

Tickler File Video Games Wardrobe Contrasting Walls Retro Clock Death Magnetic Books Bed Desk Instruments Wall Decorations CD Collection Bookshelf

Would you say that the person who lives here is organized or scatterbrained?

Somewhere in between. I would say more organized than not by the looks of it. There is a nicely prepared tickler file and the books and CD:s have been placed in a thought out order and not randomly. On the other hand the tickler file has not been used for a week and there are some loose papers, trash and clothes lying around the room. This could also mean that the person got interrupted in the middle of something and this is just a temporary “chaos”. The trash basket seems to have been emptied recently.

Sociable or solitary?

There is a jacket hanging on a closet door and some of the books are borrowed from the library. Books on training, a sticker with a start number, several medals, membership card together with a schedule for a running club indicate the person most likely is a runner. This would suggest the person is some what social. Other discoveries are an old newspaper, a schedule and an attendance report related to job seeking activities. This person has been and most likely is planning to engage in some social activity.

Sensual or intellectual? Or some of both?

It seems this person is a bit of both. Intellectual in the sense of all the books and articles lying around the room. Six books have bookmarks in them indicating some progress. A notebook with some interesting thoughts and books on songwriting indicates at least some emotion and sensuality.

Would he rather read fiction or history?

History. No doubt here. Of all the books currently in the room only one is fiction.

Does he prefer Bach or Eric Clapton? Or both?

By looking at the CD collection he seems to have a diverse taste in music with interest in several genres. The majority of the records are hard rock. I would say he prefers Eric Clapton over Bach. KISS paintings and seemingly favoring guitar over keyboard is also hints towards Clapton.

Do the furnishings this person chose show a preference for rough, natural materials of for finished, classy ones?

It’s all very simple furniture. Both the desk and chair are tall and made out of light wood, maybe oak. One of the drapes is made out of bamboo which is also natural.

What are the clothes in the closet saying about the person who chose them?

Simple. Dark t-shirts and many are band shirts. This person has been to several rock concerts.
Active. Long and short sleeved shirts made out of breathing material in different colors.
Attention seeker. Some bold jeans with attitude that would stand out in a crowd.
Hard rocker. Studded belts to go with the jeans and Metallica t-shirts.
Active student. Student overalls and camouflage vest with patches indicate some involvement in campus activities.

Other observations

  • The wall clock in the room has stopped. It is retro and part of the interior rather than showing the correct time. Clearly appearance over function
  • Dusty steering wheel in the corner. Could it be a hobby that cooled in interest?
  • There is a digital photo frame in the bedroom window that is not engaged
  • What purpose does it serve?
  • Desktop computer that’s not being used. All the accessories are connected to the laptop
  • The power switch under the desk is turned off
  • The desktop is raised to standing height and the mouse is positioned more ergonomically
  • Started sudoku puzzles that are torn out from newspapers found in the window

That’s it! My investigation of the person living in my room. It was really fun doing it. What do YOU see? Who do you think I am? Tell me in the comments or in person.

Best regards,

/ Rasmus